General info

Dear couple!

Thank you for your interest in our pre-wedding photography packages.

We would like you to know that all of our services can be customized, to fulfill your needs and desires. We do our best to make our clients feel well taken care of, that is why we only work with one couple at a time. Once you arrive to Ljubljana (Slovenia) we have a meeting prior to the photo session day, at which we discuss desired hair and make-up styles, outfits, accessories, photo locations, photo session schedule and so on.

To make the whole experience as magical as possible, we would kindly ask you to send us the following information after booking our services:

  • Please send us your name, family name and postal address.
  • Do you have any special food preferences (are you vegetarian, do you have food allergies etc.)?
  • What hotel will you stay in during your visit in Slovenia?
  • Please send us the phone number you will be using during your stay in Slovenia. It will help us get in touch with you once you arrive. You can always reach us at this number: 00386 41 947 444


How many wedding and evening gowns can a bride have for a photo session?

We recommend maximum 3 gowns for our Bled or Venice pre-wedding packages and 2 gowns for Brdo package. Of course you can choose to have more outfit changes, but keep in mind that changing gowns takes time and results in less time for actually taking pictures.

At what time do we start with the photo session?

We normally start early in the morning. The exact time for beginning of the photo session depends on the season and the sunrise/sunset time. We can always follow your wishes and start earlier or later.

Should we bring our own accessories?

Yes. You should bring your own shoes, jewelry, gloves and any other accessories that you really want to have while taking photos. We always bring some extra accessories (such as jewelry, gloves and veils), but they might not be exactly what you envisioned.

Example: If you want to take photos with a red bird cage veil, you need to bring it with you. You will most likely not be able to find it in a store here.

Do I get to choose the make-up and hairstyle?

Of course, we make it all according to your wishes. Please browse the internet for example photos of preferred hair and make-up in advance. We will discuss it at the meeting, prior to your photo session day.

Please make sure that chosen hairstyle fits the length of your hair. If you have shorter hair, but wish to have a hairstyle that requires long hair, please get hair extensions in advance or bring clip-in hair extensions. If you want to have hair extensions done in Slovenia, additional costs will apply.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of photo session?

Photo session can be rescheduled once, with no extra charges. If there is still bad weather on the chosen day (after rescheduling once), we offer alternative indoor locations, such as castle, gallery, museum, studio etc. In this case we also cover all of the entrance fees, so there are no additional costs for you. If for any reason photo session has to be rescheduled more than once, you can get a new date for additional 20% of the package price.

Do we need to pay full price in advance?

No. You only pay 50% non refundable fee (bank transfer) when you make the booking. The remaining 50% you can pay one week prior to the photo shoot or on the day of your arrival to Slovenia. Full balance must be paid before the day of the photo session.

Can I buy/rent a wedding gown in Slovenia?

Of course. Lux Bride does not rent out or sell wedding gowns, but there are many bridal shops to choose from. We offer shopping assistance (transportation and translation) at a bridal shop of your choice. For all of our brides, this service is free of charge. Our wedding gown rental and purchase assistance is available to the couples that stay in any hotel in Ljubljana. If you do not need our assistance, we can simply advise you where to go to find the best gowns.

What is the average cost of wedding gown rental/purchase in Slovenia?

Average price for wedding gown rental: 170 – 800 €
Average price for wedding gown purchase: 800 – 2000 €

How much earlier do we need to arrrive to Ljubljana to purchase a wedding gown and get it tailored?

It is best to arrive minimum 2 days prior to the photo session.

If we do not want our pre-wedding pictures to be used for marketing, can you guarantee us privacy?

There is no need to worry about that. If you wish to keep your photos private, we will make sure that they are not used for any other purpose.

What is the best way to get from Vienna airport to Ljubljana?

The best way to get to Ljubljana from any of the airports in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia or Hungary is with GoOpti shuttle service or Lux Bride airport pick up and drop off service.

We would like to spend some time exploring Slovenia – can you help us with planning and booking?

Our partner agencies can help you arrange everything from one day trips around Slovenia to longer vacations of your choice. They can also help you arrange hotel and airplane tickets. Let us know if you need their contact information.