Slovenia – the land of love

As one of the smallest, safest and greenest countries in Europe, Slovenia is the perfect destination for a romantic escape. When we say Slovenia has it all, we really mean it. Four major geographic regions and three distinct climatic zones meet right in this area to form a dreamland of diversity.

Breath-taking mountains rule in the north, offering fresh air, blue skies and a real feeling of adventure. You can hike up the Alpine peaks to enjoy the view or relax in the pristine nature of mountain valleys. These areas are a must for any visitor to enjoy, since they offer a truly dramatic background for any photo session.

To experience water and its mystical reflections – head for the rivers and lakes. Clean, clear and abundant, they make Slovenia one of the richest countries in terms of water. Rowing a boat with your loved one on the calm waters of Lake Bohinj, surrounded by nothing but forests displaying their autumn colours, is a truly romantic and unforgettable experience.

For more excitement and that real wow factor, visit the Soca River, famous for its emerald colours. If such magical scenery reminds you of a fairy tale, you are not far from the truth – part of The Chronicles of Narnia movie was filmed right here.

Hidden in the safe embrace of nature, you will find charming small villages and towns, adorned with the traces of past. Follow secret alleys and explore old town centres. Beautiful buildings, unique bridges, squares and fountains offer plentiful opportunities for that truly special photo shoot.

Slovenia has four distinct seasons, offering green spring, sunny summer, colourful autumn and snowy winter.

It is also the only country in the world that has the word love within its name.

The Slovenian language doesn’t just use singular and plural forms, but it also uses the dual case – that’s why it is known as the language of poets and lovers.

No matter where in Slovenia you go, there is a castle just around the corner. They are magnificent in all four seasons, but feel particularly special in the winter, when the land is covered with snow. Choosing a favourite can be a challenge, since each one offers a unique character and plenty of stories. Perhaps the most fantastic castle sits in the middle of rock face, hiding the entrance to a secret cave. Caves are another of Slovenia’s famous natural wonders, so make time to visit and explore the mysterious underground.

Couples in the mood for romance should head towards the coast. Make a stop at the Lipica stud farm and treat yourselves to a horse-drawn carriage ride – what better way to start the day! Among Slovenia’s coastal towns, Piran is the one you should not miss. With cobbled streets, colourful houses and a laid back atmosphere, this ancient Adriatic port will steal your heart and make you stay until the sun goes down. And rightfully so, since there is nothing better than dipping your feet in the calm sea and watching a sky full of stars in the company of your beloved.